Custom Photography

What is custom photography?

This means that I offer services and sessions customized to each individual’s needs. I offer one on one consultation services to determined what your ideas, needs and expectations are for your pictures. I then tailor each photography session to meet your needs and ideas. I only schedule a few sessions each week to ensure that I am able to give my total focus and energy to creating beautiful memories for you. During your session, you are my only priority.

I am capturing a moment in time from your family’s precious times together. I love candid photography and allowing your family to play and enjoy each other while I am a stand off observer of these beautiful moments. I also add in posed photography, but I try to make the moments alive, emotional and dynamic… never stagnant or still. I want your true personality to shine through. These moments become something that you feel when you look back at your pictures, rather than looking at a stiff portrait. We will blend your ideas and mine to create a truly unique photo session.

Your pictures are all hand-retouched by myself personally. I do not show you any images that do not have the best lighting, color, contrast and sharpness possible. I also offer black and white, and various vintage special effects added to your photos. I try to ensure that your final images are the result of myself caring about those moments so much that I am taking the extra time ensuring your artwork is good enough to stand with my name on it.